Risk Management

Globally there is risk in all areas of business and risk should never be ignored and cannot be eliminated, but it can be assessed and minimised, or even eradicated efficiently and effectively by implementing correct and effective policies and procedures.

Worldwide wherever COR operates; we understand and consider what effects our business will encounter from the political, energy and business environments. By identifying previous areas of risk or existing situations and vulnerabilities in the country of operation, Risk Management enhances our business processes by conducting detailed and focused risk assessments, identifying new or existing problems that allow us to minimise risk effectively.  Above all, the safety of our personnel, facilities and property is of paramount importance to us, so taking every precaution to ensure a safe working practice in all areas of the world is something we as a company pay particular attention to.

The Risk Management team has extensive backgrounds in the field of risk management, serving side by side with the armed forces and defense organizations for over two decades.  The Risk Management personnel oversees and implements a system that includes a comprehensive contingency plan, electronic and physical security measures, Health and Safety procedures, and if necessary training that includes Medical & awareness training.

To find out more, you can download our brochure here, or please contact Carl Moon, Risk and Security Manager at carlmoon@correntals.com.