Information Technology (IT)

We believe that staying at the forefront of information technology is key to the development of the COR, and to maintain a competitive advantage.  Developing and maintaining IT systems and resources on a global scale is a daunting task for any global company, but a challenge that is embraced by Ian Heyns, Information Technology Manager for COR.  Armed with many years of experience and a vast knowledge base, Ian is passionate about IT and moving COR towards a cutting-edge digital future with the help of his team.

Over the years, COR have implemented numerous systems to improve the global operation, that in turn benefit our clients.  Video conferencing facilities break down distance barriers, allowing all COR offices and clients to interface with each other no matter where they are in the world.  The most recent development and feather in the cap, was to implement a MAISY® analysis and information system on a global scale, allowing any COR base to access inventories of other bases to determine equipment range, details and availability, all in real time.  Needless to say system developments and the addition of innovative resources are always ongoing at COR, thanks to Ian’s keen eye to spot opportunities for improvement, keeping COR ahead of the pack to provide the best level of service to our clients.