Financial Management

The oil and gas industry is a potential minefield of risk, with delays on return on investment and governed by a complex set of tax and accounting rules.  Rigorous attention to detail and a highly efficient financial service is vital to success.  Adhering strictly to international accounting standards, the finance team for COR International is vital not only to COR, but to our clients as well.  Parag Bondre is the Group Financial Controller for COR, a finance professional who has been working in the oil and gas sector for over eleven years.

Parag and his skilled team provide a highly efficient service to our clients, going above and beyond client expectations to ensure that financing run smoothly, tailoring every account to benefit each client as much as possible.  Crucial tasks such as fund flow management and tax issues are managed and controlled expertly on a daily basis by the accounts team.  The main finance team operate from the COR head office in Dubai, but we have Finance personnel in place at all COR bases around the world, providing a closer link between head office and regional clients.

In addition to the internal COR finance department; we have contracted an external independent finance company in India to support us.  This team works together seamlessly to help ensure a sound practice of accounting and a prompt and professional service to our clients.