COR Human Value

COR have other interests outside of the oil industry.  The family ethos surrounding COR has developed over the years to invest back into communities and development.

We are proud to be affiliated with Hartlepool United Football Club (HUFC), located on the North East coast of England.  Hartlepool United have gone from strength to strength in the English football leagues, and have benefited from the support of COR.

“We as a Club have worked very closely with several Oil companies – DNO, Larsen Oil and Gas and COR. The connections we have with COR have seen us develop relationships in Ghana, Guinea Bissau and Malaysia,” said the HUFC Chief Executive Russ Green.
“In both countries we now have a firm footing in the form of scouting, player exchange and also most importantly the development of Youth football within the communities of Bissau and Sarawak,” said the Chief Exectutive.  “We are very proud to be associated with COR and look forward to a long lasting relationship with the company and its employees.”

Keeping the sport theme going, COR regularly donate football kits to amateur teams in various African regions.  In the Middle East we continue to sponsor a championship-winning COR basketball team, comprising of Abu Dhabi locals and COR employees and also a ten-pin bowling team.

COR International, along with affiliated partners have also heavily invested into the development of communities in the deprived regions of Africa.  We realized that by operating in these areas, we have a responsibility to try to aid the local population.

COR and our partners have not only invested financially to help improve conditions, supply essential medical equipment, food and drink, but we have helped to build new roads, supply equipment and actively employ locals in these areas to help them learn new skills.  We recognise that employing talented people to educate and train them in the oil industry will not only benefit those individuals, but we will gain from their knowledge of the region, and will be investing to secure a highly skilled workforce for the future.

These initiatives will continue to develop, as we seek to expand on our COR family by upholding these partnerships to continue to help the less fortunate.