Since its launch in 2000, the COR Middle East base in Abu Dhabi has gone from strength to strength, expanding in size and capabilities, yet with a stringent eye for quality. As the facility has grown (and continues to grow), more services are added to the portfolio with a view to provide clients with the very best in oilfield equipment rentals in the Middle East. In addition to our ‘one-stop shop’ of integrated services, we have storage and inspection facilities for an extensive product inventory and dedicated office buildings throughout the base.

With a view to increasing our range of support services, COR and now able to clean, inspect, repair and reapply hard-banding of our equipment all within our own facility saving time and money to the client.

Through direct affiliation with former colleagues COR have a formal representation in both MALAYSIA and THAILAND where we have both dedicated personnel and Rental Assets in-country to support the region.

Our Partners background of working with COR ensures that our quality standards and maintained in both provision of equipment and service that COR offer through our main facility in UAE.

As part of our commitment to the South East Asia Region COR have equipment in country to ensure we are well placed to provide immediate support to the local market.

COR’s most recent expansion has been the establishment of a Partnership with a local Company, Lyallpur Oil Tool, wherein COR offer our Rental Assets, directly from local inventory to support the Pakistani market.

We have ensured that our partners have COR’s full support in both allocation of Rental Tool Assets, as well as breaking-out/ Jar Testing Services, in-house tubular cleaning machines and high quality of thirdparty suppliers such as inspection, repair and manufacturing facilities in Pakistan.